What is Partner Schools Connect?

There is no more authentic way for students to learn about global issues than by working with their peers from countries around the world.

Partner Schools Connect brings together teachers and students from across our global community of British Council Partner Schools to work on joint classroom-based projects. It helps support students to develop an international perspective through exchanging ideas with their peers and experiencing different cultures and developing an international perspective.

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How do I participate?

Step 1

Enrol in the Partner Schools Connect project zone to start your partnership journey. There you will find information, project packs and a helpful community forum full of others on their partnership journey.

Project Zone

Step 2

First create your profile and bio so that teachers better understand your goals and interests. Then, explore other teacher profiles and send partnership requests to teachers around the world. Others will be able to make partnership requests to work with you too.

My Profile

Step 3

Now wait for your request to be accepted. Once you have a partner, you will be able to get started on your project. Check out the resource packs in the project zone. Don’t forget to use the forum to ask your questions and say hello.

Project Zone

Step 4

As an optional step, you can complete the School Links project to get some great ideas and insights into the benefits and practices of partnership projects.

School Links project

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join Partner Schools Connect and find a partner school?

To join Partner Schools Connect, enrol in the Partner Schools Connect Project Zone and update your profile. You can then use the 'Find a partner' button in the project zone to send partnership requests to other teachers. Once your request is accepted, you can begin your project. Likewise, other teachers will also be able to send partnership requests to you.

What should I do if I haven't received a reply to my partnership request?

You can see the status of your requests by looking at the list of all the teachers in the directory. If you have an active partnership it will appear at the top of the list. If your request hasn’t been accepted you can always make more requests.

Can I change my partnership or include multiple teachers in a single project?

We ask that you work with your partner to overcome any challenges. Please get in touch if you have any serious concerns. Although initial requests are between two teachers, projects can be expanded to include other teachers from the same schools.

What are the next steps and expectations after forming a partnership?

You can schedule a meeting with the partner school teacher to discuss the project plan. Alternatively, you can message each other within the project zone. Some teachers also choose to share email or phone number but this is entirely optional and we cannot be responsible for anything that happens outside of the platform.

What is the timeline for completing projects and are specific partners allocated?

The timeline for project completion is collaboratively decided by partner school teachers, taking into account their academic calendars, exam periods, and availability. The British Council does not allocate specific partners; teachers send partnership requests to each other in the project zone.

Are teachers limited to conducting projects within their fields of expertise?

No, teachers are not limited to their specific fields. They are free to design and undertake projects outside their areas of expertise, fostering interdisciplinary learning. If teachers have an idea for a project that they would like to undertake outside of the project packs, then they can do this in agreement with a partnering school.

Latest Partner Schools Connect news

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Next group opening soon

New project packs

We have published project packs for three age groups: Age 9-11; 12-14 and 15-17 on a wide range of global topics. You can access the project packs from the Project Zone.

Partnerships under way

Partnerships under way

Join a growing community of Partner Schools Connect members from countries across the world including Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Sudan, Qatar, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, Bangladesh, and Jordan.
Pilot project launches

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